Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Dit is Parkour" brochure

I have been confronted with the question whether Parkour is illegal according to law(closed forum). This was the main question on, and I answered that it could be, in some cases and drafted a "best practise" guideline.

Along with that, the idea came along that it is better to prevent conversations with the police and people from the neighborhood and create an information brochure. Since Parkour is quite an unknown (urban) sport, especially in little villages. The brochure was easily made in one day after the initial idea.

Of course I used some pictures of others and I had some doubts but I think I solved the legal part.

First: Thanks to Malene Hald for the drawings she had put on her blog online:

I have cited three of the six characters you have drawn and uploaded.
I gave credit to your name and to your blog.
I put your name in the "labels for this post"
Hopefully many people will try to reach your blog and maybe you'll get an assignment through my reference.

Secondly: Thanks to MATT-JAM3S for the GIF-file with stickfigures.
I have made three Prt Scrs and then editted the figures completely into a figure I found good enough for the brochure.

I have cited three screenshots out of a GIF-file.
I gave credit to your name and to the location of the GIF-file.
But I gave myself the credits for the composition, due to the fact that I have made it a totally different structure, idea and created a derivative work.

"Dit is Parkour": Dutch brochure (drafted: 7 octber 2009).