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Orphan works. In search of an international workable solution

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D.J.R. Sterenborg, Orphan Works. In Search of an international workable model, Ossendrecht: privately published 2010 (ISBN: 978-90-8891-185-9)

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This is the enhanced version of the earlier published Dutch version; re-edtitted and updated according to the current status-quo and commented and edited by others.

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The use of a work subject to copyright protection requires permission of the author(s) and/or right holder(s), but what if necessary information is not available? E.g. when an author/right holder is unknown? Many practical issues are about how to contact these: how can correct personal data be found from an author with a common name? And what if the author can be found, but the right holder can not be? Works that are subject to copyright protection but of which the author can not be traces nor contacted, is the issue of the so-called ‘orphan works’.

In the time of a globalized world wide (web) market, cross border situation often occur. From article 5 of the Bern Convention copyrights are protected according to the national laws of the Member of that Convention.

This publication analyses management measures and contractual models as well as legal solutions for this emerging and world wide situation. The test framework takes into account the exercise of moral and economic rights, the sufficiency of legal certainty, flexibility and the costs for the possible users, the number of participants that are involved with the rights clearance process, and if legal changes and recognition are needed and feasible. Finally the developments in how is dealt with the situation are presented.

Artwork: © 2010, DJR Sterenborg