Thursday, November 27, 2008

Master thesis - doubts

It has been a while since I uploaded my last presentations. In the mean while I have give a few presentations based upon the downloadable presentations of 30th of October 2008.

And now I have been searching for a new Master Thesis Theme.
Since I first wanted to research if there was a right to free and accessible internet. But after some research I found out that just one year ago a Dutch student already researched it and mainly discussed the issues I wanted to put into my Master thesis(1).

So I will research what other themes I would like to research for my Master thesis. It will probably have to do with "fair use", "internet", "human rights" and/or "creativity".

I was thinking about:
  • how can the "fair use" doctrine contribute to the right on information?
  • how can "fair use" by applied in a digital network (comparative research American doctrine and the EU law based written exceptions)?
  • what can one do with "orphan works" and how do international treaties deal with this?
  • Via the Copyright acts, is the right to access to internet protected?
  • Issues on Traditional knowledge: what are the current issues, what are the difficulties to overcome?
I will keep you up to date about future developments in my "hunt" for the most interesting Master Thesis theme.
(1) for the ones interested:, or more specifically: (only available in dutch).
(2) (c) 2007, photo from author unknown - in case you think you know or are the author, please send me a notice that includes: your full name, proof of authorship and ownership and I'll give you full credits on this blog.