Sunday, February 1, 2009

Digitization of Cultural Heritage

One limit I put to my master thesis is that I consider that all digital orphaned works have been digitalized legally. With this I limit my readers in concerning about whether or not digitalization of copyrighted works is allowed already? Although with reproduction rights, one might solve this problem?

Lately I have been to a few conferences in The Netherlands and Belgium to get some thoughts
about it. In case you are interested, click on the following links:
- CIER/Nationale Unesco Commissie Expertmeeting 9 januari 2009: Immaterieel Erfgoed, materials here
- SURFfoundation, massadigitalisering en commissie digiti©E
, on 29 januari 2009.
- De grote ontmoeting tussen Vlaanderen en Nederland - Digitalisering van erfgoed: doenbaar en betaalbaar?
Antwerpen, België

Picture from Creative Commons-BY-NC-SA lost-theory